12 Reasons You Should Throw Out All Of Your Shoes RIGHT NOW!

So if you're anything like me, especially having large-ish feet (size 13), you buy a pair of shoes that arguably fits; maybe it's a half size too small, and you wear it until there are so many holes in it that you might as well not wear any shoes at all. Then you buy another pair, maybe a half-a-size too small, and you break them in, bearing the blisters, and all, until they fit and fall apart. Rinse, Repeat.

I've lived in NYC for nearly 13 years now, and this vicious cycle has been the most frustrating of them all, seconded only by the search for pants that fit my thighs, but that's another story, never mind, anyway...

This January, after the nearly two month yuck-fest of watching the news, I decided I needed to purge myself of anything that I felt was bogging me down, and start over. I went home from work one night, and threw out every pair of shoes I owned except one - the one's I was wearing; broken leather, re-soled about 3 times, out. I went online and employed the internet to fix my problem. There had GOT do be a better answer to this than Zappos, or Overstock, or Amazon, right?

BINGO! Men's Shoe Club. $75 a month for a brand new, CUSTOM pair of shoes in YOUR SIZE, that you DON'T have to break-in, because let's face it - if you're breaking in a shoe, that just means IT DOESN'T FIT! Now the shoe club is like Christmas, but monthly. You do get to specify what kind of shoes you like, etc. (check out their insta), and they come right to you, no fuss, no stores, no trying shit on, no getting your hopes up, just the glorious excitement of a pair of shoes in a box that comes with its own storage pouch just for you - EVERY! MONTH!

And they're BEAUTIFUL.

And they're COMFORTABLE.

And they're STURDY AF!

And they FIT!

And $75 a month, for 12 months, for CUSTOM SHOES?!?!?!?!?!

(You can also do a one month, three month, six months, or nine months instead of the full 12).


Custom shoes are typically upwards of $500 - believe me, I've looked.

This is so worth your time, and money, and it is THE MOST exciting when you get your package with the fresh smell of leather seeping out AND THEY FIT!!!!!

AAAAANNNNDDDDD use ThereAreGiant's SPECIAL discount code (EDM10) and get $10 off your first pair. SO $65 FOR YOUR FIRST PAIR!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!

Don't believe me? Fine - Here are12 Reasons Why You Should Throw Out All Of Your Shoes RIGHT NOW:


2. February - You better CATER FOR YOUR LIFE in those!

3. March - I am DOWN with the BROWN!

4. April - Moccasin KWEEEN ready for Summer!!!!

5. May - POP and LOCK that tongue.

6. June - Gonna LOAF around in THESE Loafers.



7. July - Bitch, I'M ON A BOAT!

8. August - I AM WEAK!!!!!

9. September - LITTY LIT LIT!!!!

10. October - Did Someone Say MISTER AUTUMN MAN???

11. November - SHOOK!


SOOOOOO what are you WAITING for?

Get it for YOU!

Get it for the GIANT in your life.


RELEASE THE DOPAMINE!!!!! Go to www.mensshoe.club and use code EDM10 on your membership.

*** Throw pillow art by Murjani Holmes available HERE!

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