An American Tall Love Story

YOU GUYS!!!!! I AM SO IN LOVE!!!!!!! A few months back I was contacted by a clothing company, as I so often am, that was launching a new brand of clothing specifically for tall men. Same old story. WELL - They have FINALLY launched their online store and website, and have sent me a few choice items from their - currently limited, but more coming soon - inventory, and let me tell you, you guys DO NOT want to miss out on this.

American Tall is a new brand of clothing that is catering to tall men who are slim to fit or beefy, but don't fit in the run-of-the-mill tall store brands and cringe whenever someone suggests the 'big and tall' section. We are not built like sheds or squares. Also, their logo is A GIRAFFE!!!! Does it get better than that????

Here's what American Tall has to say:

Big and Tall you say? Well no, not really.

You workout and you’re not overweight.

You’re simply taller.

Big And Tall has no place here. We mean no disrespect to the massive masses but big, boxy, poor-fitting clothes just don’t work for you.

You appreciate personal style and fashion.

You deserve tailored designs that fit you well.

We heard your plea. The game has officially changed.


So GIANTS, here's the deal. We are doing an American Tall American Love Story give away. You've seen them happen with ThereAreGiants before - Tall Slim Tees and For The Fit - and now it's American Tall's turn. Follow our Instagram and Facebook and comment "I want an American Tall Love Story" including your height at the bottom of this article or any post having to do with American Tall to enter to win some pretty solid outfits from this new kick-ass company!!!! See below... (light blue button down - XLT, dark blue button down ST, dark wash jeans 32/36, black dress pants 34/36).

#ThereAreGiants #AmericanTall #GiveAway

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