Are You ForTheFit?

GIANTS! Behold, we have struck tall men's gold once more with A new start-up with an online store that has an entire section dedicated to tall sizes, FTF was so gracious as to give us two outfits to put up for a holiday giveaway which asked for candid reviews from their target audience. YOU!

Though one month+ later we still have not heard from one of the winners (her instagram currently looks as if though she is a free give away monger - @stclair_jean), we have had our other winner, an honest and loyal reader of ThereAreGiants, send in his brief write up and photo of his winnings.

GIANTS and genteels may I introduce -

Name: Bob

Height: 6'7

Weight: 225

Home Town: Chattanooga,Tennesee.

"The shirt is great! It feels nice and is a great fit. The pants are long enough and fit well; not super pumped on the fabric - maybe a cotton blend would be a nice alternative? Thanks again! I will wear both for sure!

NOW! If that isnt enough to convince you...

ForTheFit can be yours. Just visit and enter code THEREAREGIANTS at check out to receive $10 off your order of $100 or more compliments of - unlimited use, baby. STAND TALL gents, and remember, sometimes the clothes actually DO make the man.

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