I Have Bespoken: Giorgenti/Best Custom Shirt

Once in a while, I get to experience little quirks with companies who are embracing their tall brethren. Often, the quirks are endearing; they are off the mark or just so, so wrong because the person running the company is 5’4”. When Best Custom Shirt reached out to me three years after ThereAreGiants ran our first article, which happened to be on their company, I was delighted to hear the company had revamped itself and was plowing forward.

Company – Best Custom Shirt/Giorgenti

Cost - $59- $280

Process – Slightly confusing in the beginning in a very minor way. When you go to BCS’s website, it seems mostly straightforward to look at, until you select a fabric. I spent a good 30-60 seconds looking for a ‘next’ or ‘make your shirt’ button – or something of that nature. There is actually a floating footer at the bottom of your browser screen that says ‘new customers’ that will take you to the next page where you design your shirt specifics.

Once you enter in the type of collar, cuff, tab, monogram you want (always monogram – you’re already doing custom – always go all the way), you are taken to a page, which gives you short hand and long form options of entering in your measurements. The short form is height, weight, neck, and sleeve length. I, again, am of the opinion that if you’re going to have a piece of clothing made for you, you should have it made for you. Go big or go home, gents; do the long form.

The long form is actually really amusing, and thorough. There are graphs and pictures of bodies and body parts to give you the further customization options to select an accurate body type as closely as possible the body-type you have. They use the word ‘portly’ on one of the examples and it just made me smile. No one uses that word anymore. BRAVO, BCS.

Finish selecting how you would like your shirt to fit (athletic – perfect for those who work out in the gym) and continue to check out. B-

Speediness – 4 to 6 weeks. B+

Packaging – My Giorgenti arrived in a priority mail package wrapped in a sealed cellophane shirt encasement. There were no real branding materials inside e.g. business card, sticker, tag, instructions, etc. but the shirt was wrapped, and protected from the elements; mainly the Post Office package handling process. B-

Accuracy – HERE IS WHERE THE QUIRK COMES IN! I remove my button down from its packaging and I try it on, and it’s huge. The sleeves almost cover my whole hand, and the torso looks like one of those after shots of people trying on old clothes after losing a ton of weight. A feeling of sadness and disappointment rushed over me, because I really do hate writing bad reviews, to the point where if a product merits one, I actually will avoid writing it all together. So I sheepishly emailed Meghan – my lovely contact at BCS – and let her know that something went wrong in the measurement department, and is there any way to fix this pre-publishing? I get an email back from her that just about made me faint. My jaw actually hit the keyboard.

“Have you laundered it yet? It should be that long… if not. We add a full inch to the sleeve for shrinkage allowance.”

I’m sorry, WHAT?! WASH & DRY a DRESS SHIRT?!?!?!?!?! I would NEVER. That’s basically formal wear suicide, right? Dry clean ONLY is how I was raised and how I’ve always done it. Which is what I said to her. Her response…

“Honesty, if you take your shirts to the cleaners, they don’t dry-clean shirts if they are cotton. They launder and press them, assuming most customers won’t know the difference.”

So of course I immediately want a refund from every single dry cleaner I’ve ever been to in my life. I basically sprint to my laundry room to test this wonderment and about 2 hours later, much to my very, very, very, surprise… “I’ll be damned.” The shirt shrank like the adjustable shoes from Back To The Future III and suddenly I had a magical fitting custom shirt. A+

Quality – I’m not going to lie; I was sure that the second that shirt came out of the washer and drier it would be pilling, wrinkled, and just a disaster. Quite the contrary; it was as if nothing had ever happened. I slapped it on a hanger and took a good long hard look at a perfectly wonderful dress shirt. HUZZAH! A+

Overall – I’m pleased. Giorgenti/Best Custom Shirt has come a long way in the three years I’ve been familiar with them. Their website is almost unrecognizable to how it used to be, and they are churning out better product. There are still a few minor issues you may run into along your custom experience with BCS, but as a whole, I really like this company, and I really like this shirt and for a basic custom shirt at $59 (+$5 for monograms), why the hell not? I’m curious and dying to try their custom slacks. To be continued… ?

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