GIANTS Have Spoken: Tall Slim Tees Reviews

Recently ThereAreGiants teamed up with start up company TallSlim Tees, a company that specializes in making short and long sleeve shirts for tall men who fare on the lankier side of things. TAG held a give away for a small variety of shirts running from Large Tall to the ellusive Small Tall. Since I am not a small tall, OR a medium tall, I can only speak on the subject of the Large Tall - it was wonderful - so we reached out to our reader base and asked our give away winners to send in a snap shot wearing TSTs accompanied by a brief review on their thoughts about the shirt. Here are the winners and review submissions.

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 220lbs

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Being a tall gentleman, I find myself in many situations where shirts don't

properly fit for the activities I participate in. Showing torso when raising

arms. Sleeves not reaching wrists. Doing laps in the Olympic pool size space

created by shirts. With the arrival TallSlim t-shirt, I was hopeful to solve

some of these problems.

Upon opening the packaging, the first thing I noticed was the snuggly softness of the fabric. So soft. So comfortable. The initial try on yielded pleasant results. The fit seemed a bit snug, but the fit was lovely. I decided it

needed to go through two full days of wear. Once before washing and once after washing. The major thing I was interested was how it would work when I went tower bell ringing, an activity requiring hands above the head a lot (see photo). The results were fantastic. Breathable. Length good. Fit lovely. No unindented skin showing. I shall be purchasing more of these to add to my arsenal of clothing.


Height: 6'7"

Weight: 260lbs

Hometown: Davis, CA

So I was a bit nervous when I was first informed that I was only being sent a large size. Being as I am on the bulkier side of 6'7", I have been wearing more XXL or XL shirts. The sad reason for that is I need that length, but not necessarily the width. I'm very pleased with this shirt. Not very often do you find a company that allows you to get extra long shirts. I'm excited to be showing off the 15 lbs that I recently lost and the result of an increase in my weight lifting. This has quickly became one of my favorite shirts, not just because it was free. The material is great, the length is amazing, and this is the first time that I've gotten to wear a size large in many years. Giving a big two thumbs up to this shirt and this company. Going to recommend these shirts to all my tall friends, because as you know, birds of a feather tend to flock together. Thanks so much!


Height: 6'8"

Weight: 255lbs

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

When I first opened the package and saw a long sleeve T, the same thought raced across my mind, "sleeves will be to short". Was I ever pleasantly surprised! The length was perfect, and my sleeve length is 39! The stretchy material was unique; definitey motivation to keep working out and stay slim! Do not wear after a big meal :-). Looking forward to trying out more of their products. They have a new giant (6'8") fan!


Height: 6'9"

Weight: 250lbs

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

When I got my shirt I immediately put it in the laundry and threw it on. I typically wear an XL, but received a Large shirt; it's a bit snug, but the length and sleeves are perfect! Its also very comfortable and perfect to lounge in. As soon as they have the Extra Large size available I'll definitely be buying more. Its SO comfortable!


Height: 6'7"

Weight: 140lbs

Hometown: West Hollywood

It was TERRIFIC to learn about a tall men's clothing company that focuses on those of us who may be "vertically gifted" but have smaller/narrower frames and lankier/wirier builds than many of our fellow giants (a buddy describes me as a "pocket giant"). Although there do seem to be more brands these days offering a medium tall option with t-shirts, it is EXTREMELY rare to find a small tall option. One of my sources for t-shirts is Old Navy. They offer medium tall (on-line shopping only), but their sizing caters to men with average-sized frames or bigger. I like the torso length, but the fit is ALWAYS rather large and baggy on me (the curse of narrow shoulders and a small rib cage). After a couple of years of washing and drying, the shirt will eventually fit pretty well. But that requires time and patience! That's why it was with great anticipation that I tried on my long-sleeved t-shirt, size SMALL, from TallSlimTees. According to their sizing guide, a small is meant to fit a guy in the 6' - 6'4", 130 - 150 lbs. range. I'm 140 lbs. at 6'6.5". So I was concerned about being outside their specified height range, but eager to check it out. I was given a purple color which I like a lot. The fabric is a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. It feels really nice to the touch, but is a little too thin for my personal taste (I've noticed that Old Navy has been using these thinner fabrics lately as well). Thin fabric looks good on men who have some muscle/beefiness, but it tends to drape a bit awkwardly on guys with more angular, wirier (bonier) builds. The FIT, however, is what makes this a winner for me overall! Even being outside the specified height range for a small, the torso length was MORE than adequate on my frame. And while the sleeve length could have been longer, it was better than what I was anticipating (again, being taller than the specified height range). The fit around my shoulders and chest was somewhat bigger than I had hoped it would be, but SO MUCH better than what I normally have to endure. The sizing truly was made for a small tall individual. TallSlimTees is onto something very special here. Hallelujah!

HALLELUJAH indeed!!!! THANK YOU to TallSlim Tees and all of our readers who were amazing and sent in their photos and write ups!!!! DON'T FORGET to use discount code THEREAREGIANTS for 10% off your oder at!!!!

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