A GIANT Feature: Two Sides Of The Coin with Tom D'angora

As a continum to our Broadway Giants features, we are inducting our newest favorite GIANT, Tom D'angora who works on the OTHER side of the stage and also has a hand in politics - the Clinton campaign to be exact. We at TAG thought Mr. D'angora was the perfect candidate to show what good is going on due to and in the land of the GIANTS. Introducing:

Tom D'angora

Height: 6’4

Age: 36

Profession: Theatrical Producer, Clinton Campaign Aid.

Home Town: Falmouth, MA

What got you involved with the Hillary campaign?

I’m long time supporter of the Secretary. I think she was one of the most effective Senators New York has ever had. I was on her 2008 campaign for almost a year and I joined 2016 on day one.

What would you say the typical day-in-the-life of Tom D’Angora is like inside the Clinton office?

I work in Grassroots engagement and I absolutely love it. We have the honor of working directly with our supporters on the ground. Making sure that any and everyone who wants to get involved has the tools he or she needs. It is amazing getting to interact with so many people from all over the country every day.

In the theatre realm of your life, which projects are most at the forefront of your calendar at the moment?

My long running show NEWSical just celebrated it’s 2000th performance and shows no sign of slowing down. My current production of Naked Boys Singing is about to celebrate it’s fourth anniversary at Theatre Row, so maintaining these shows while spending 40 plus hours a week at Hillary for America keeps me pretty busy, but I am planning a few new shows for 2016. I’m currently negotiating for a new Off Broadway musical that will open in April and a possible Broadway musical for the fall - post election night ofcourse.

When you are in ‘work mode’ in either of your professional forums, would you say you dress more casual, business casual, or corporate?

Though I believe my best look is formal I dress very casual. I’m a big fan of Tshirts, because my arms a re very long and sleeves are not my friend.

As a tall man, where do you typically find professional attire that fits you and your work environments? Casual attire?

I find the Jeans at American Eagle fit me very well and Calvin Klein anything fits me perfectly. I have believed that I should have an affair with Calvin Klein since he clearly loves my body.

Have you ever gotten anything custom-made?

Believe it or not only capes. I have had several glittery capes made for me. I was clearly going through a Liberace faze.

What size shoe do you wear?


Is there any brand that you prefer over another that both carry your size?

I love Supra and Nike.

What is your favorite and least favorite tall problem?

I love being able to see over everyone in a crowd, however I hate people thinking I should be in the back, because they can’t see over me. It’s like shut up these are my seats you move… Happens all the time

What is the weirdest/funniest thing someone has ever said to you regarding your height? I use to be over 400 pounds and people that know that get really awkward when they refer to me as “big” they quickly cover by saying the word tall over and over again… “I mean Tall you are tall tall… very tall”

In The GIANTS Words:

The first line I ever had in play was the Line “enormously tall” in Pippin. I was in High school and lost over 100 lbs and always wanted to do theater, but didn’t want to be the fat kid in the show. So I decided to do the high school play Pippin, but auditions already happened and it was cast. The director said it’s ok we need someone to say the line enormously tall Your perfect for that line. It was the first time I was type cast. I can’t believe I was passed over for that role in the revival.

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