Not So Big & Tall

We have only dreamed or heard legend of the ellusive Medium Tall size. We have only fantasized about a Small Tall being in existance; "It's gotta be out there, right?". We begrudgingly tuck in our shirts and fold the excess fabric around the back of our waist to create the illusion that our shirts fit. Defeated.

Gentleman, I have news! News of a company that has upstarted intself this year focusing SOLELY on our tall and slender brethren. We have a small lake full of options if you're 'big & tall', but what happens if you're just TALL and not BIG?


"TallSlim Tees was founded in 2014 by Dan Deceuster after years of personal frustration with t-shirt sizes. Brands with tall sizes only added a little extra length to their shirts. Big and tall sizes were plenty long but far too big everywhere else. He decided to do something about it and designed a custom t-shirt customized specifically for tall, lean men. In his own words:“I took 17 different measurements of every part of my t-shirts. With that I figured out the dimensions of the perfect shirt for me. I had this shirt made and it fit more comfortably than anything I had ever worn. So I decided to use my design to start a line of shirts designed specifically for guys who are tall and skinny like I am.”It took nearly 9 months of trial and error with different measurements, materials and manufacturers, but eventually he created t-shirts perfectly fitted to tall, slim men.Today, TallSlim Tees come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit men from 6’0″ to 6’8″. We have both short and long sleeves available and will continue to add more colors, sizes and styles throughout the year."


Now... I have never been slim. Really. Even during the cancer days, I was still a sizeable person. With that said, I have tried on the Large Tall Tee (pictured right), and it is very comfortable; Fitted and comfortable. I think we may have something here gents. There isnt' any billowing, there is no bunching, no extra awkward fabric. TallSlimTees may have nailed it - BUT that is where you come in...​​

ThereAreGiants is doing a FREE GIVE AWAY of a heavenly host of these illustrious tees to qualifying tall slender gents.

Here are the requirements:

Must be 6'4"+

Must be average to slim build (athletic or otherwise).

Must comment on our TST give away photo on social media (FB/T/INSTA)

If selected you must:

Send us a photo of you in your tall tee with a one to two paragraph review of how it fits and feels; what you like, what you dont, etc..

You will get an exclusive 15% off winners discount on all of TSTs website inventory.

If NOT selected:

Right now TST is offering all ThereAreGiants readers an exclusive 10% off discount of all of their inventory using promo code THEREAREGIANTS at checkout.

I'm telling you boys, there is something to this company. It is filling a void that we not-so-big and tall guys have been depressed over for generations. At long last we may have found the fix for our Achillese heal. SO! Start a-commenting and aim to win these tees. There is a limited supply for the give away so hurry! Winners will be selected before the holidays.

#TallSlimTees #bespoken

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