I Have Bespoken: Enzo Custom Clothiers Part II


After a long while away, ThereAreGiants revisits one of their favorite custom clothing shoppes; Enzo Custome Clothier. Last time we paid them a visit, Enzo dazzled us with their in store experience, accuracy, and speediness. Lets see if he big E can hit the same nail on the head.

Company – Enzo Custom Clothiers started out as a textile wholesaler for major clothing designers such as Zenga and Loro Pianaetc. As we have seen, in the last several years, men’s custom wear has and is still nudging it’s way to the forefront of affordable ways to look like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks for a piece you can call your own. Enzo’s founder, Eli Sved, took his existing business and the demand for wallet friendly wear into his own hands

and joined the ranks of other companies who were churning out custom suits, shirts, and even shoes. Enzo maintains some of its production and staff in the United States, holding showrooms for private fittings in New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., and some production in Shanghai.

Cost – $130 ($89 + range)

Process – Unlike a lot of online custom menswear companies, Enzo provides the unique and must-have experience of booking an appointment and being physically present for a real tailor-to-client experience.

This experience came complete , as always, with a decanter of whiskey and piles of fabric swatches full of options for linings, accents, and looks – As well as a very attractive style advisor who guided me through my decision making. Upon arrival I was swept into the gorgeous whitewashed wall and mahogany floored show room where my tailor helped me pick out fabrics that suited my needs. I was spending the Summer in Nantucket and wanted something upper crusty but beachy. We picked out my final choices and my tailor measured - in astute detail - to assure that my custom shirt would dazzle the New England Wasp'ish crowd.

After every detail of your physic is notated, you are sat down at Enzo’s computer console to sort out the detailing of your shirt; cuff and collar linings, placket fabric, pocket placement if applicable, and of course monogramming – we all know how I feel about monogramming; if you’re going to go custom, mark that shit! For this particular piece, at the suggestion of my very stylish advisor, we agreed on a James Bond cuff; the cocktail cuff. Its like a French cuff but with more finess - some swoopage.

Seal the deal with a handshake and a credit card swipe, and be on your wait to await your gorgeous new custom items. A+

Speediness – Like lightining, Enzo measured me on May 15th and picked up my shirt on June 9th. A+

Packaging - Enzo does ship their final products, but if you happen to live in a convenient proxy to any of their show rooms, you have the option to pick it up, try it on, and have them work out any discrepancies that may have occurred in production right there in front of the three panel mirror. My shirt came in plastic cellophane, perfectly pinned and dressed, as a new shirt should be. A-

Accuracy: NAILED IT! Nothing makes me happier than the anticipation and satisfaction I get from buttoning up a custom shirt. With each botton, you analyize how the torso and chest fits, or doesn't fi, in hopes that you don't have to hold off on wearing your new piece of deliciousness until alterations are done. Alterations; the bane of tall men's existances. From stem to stern this James Bond style dress shirt, complete with cocktail cuffs, was as pristine as Bond would want it to be; Not a stitch out of place. A+

Quality – Seeing as a vast majority of the fabrics Enzo is using are also supplied or used by such designers as Calvin Klein, Zegna, and the like, the quality of fabrics available to choose from is of the utmost high end standard. The stitching and construction of the piece is sturdy and beautifully done; sure to hold up for a long, long time through various types of wear and tear. A+

Overall - In all my years with ThereAreGiants, not once have I been so enamered with a custom piece. At the suggestion of one of Enzo's stylists, I went with the edgier James Bond cuffs on this shirt, and could not be happier with any of the choices we settled on in the creative process of creating this shirt. Enzo will always be my top recommendation for anyone who is seeking out custom pieces. Not only has everything they ever handed me been nearly perfection, but they are also the friendliest, and most engaging of all of the brands we use. GO FIND YOUR ENZO!!!! They do shirts, suits, shoes, and other such gentlemanly things.

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