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We are very quickly transitioning out of the dog days of summer and into the most beautiful time of year – especially in NYC. The leaves will change, the temperatures will drop, and the crisp air will greet your nostrils daily with a friendly and welcome salutation. However we are not quite in the embrace of autumn, and still must be mindful of the seesaw we are teetering on as we move into September and October in New England.

Some of us may be ready to whip out our sweater collection from last year and go full wool, where the rest of us are desperately trying to change mother natures mind by refusing to put our bare arms away. Our first look is for you stubborn GIANTS who are continuing your parade of biceps and traps. Robert, who stands a strapping 6’7”, has no shortage of torso and leg, so hitting up a department store or international chain was a sure gamble on ThereAreGiants’ end.

I’m sure that you all have seen at least ONE person this summer rocking this personal favorite: “Shark Tank” by H&M – especially with Shark Week being a new national holiday. It is a true shocker when a store that generally focuses on manorexic European fashionistas has an item that is basic, but trendy, and has enough fabric to cover a tall man’s torso.

It also probably has not gone without notice that bright yellow has been in full bloom all over the place; from tanks, to shoes, to bags, and beachwear. Every tall seemed to have shed his fears of dandelion hues and put on something to compliment the sun. These cuffed 8” inseam trunks come to us from the regular sizes of JCPenney (GASP). Where as JCP boasts of carrying “tall” sizes in store – a gesture that is unheard of in the land of the GIANTS – they seemed to fall short *AHEM* when TAG was picking out wardrobe in the “tall” department at their west 32ndstreet location in NYC. Having not found anything that would have fit anyone smaller than a wildebeest (42/29 pant sizes – REALLY?), we ventured to the other side of the men’s department and found these bright yellow two pocketed gems.

Shoes? Yes, that is light purple, and yes, they are a size 13, and yes, they are from the marvelous Cole Haan. You can never go wrong with Haan and a good majority of their styles run up to a size 15/16.

For those of you who are giving way to the inevitable, we understand your newly found desire to bundle up ever so slightly when pounding the pavement of Manhattan – or your respective neighborhood. For you, we have put Robert in a sensible light fabric blazer from Zara as to keep out just the right amount of chill while still showing some leg nostalgic of summer’s peak in a forest green pair of 7” cuffed shorts from Bonobos.

The blazer’s slight metallic hue of lavender and blue tips its hat to the coming of fall, but doesn’t quite let it in just yet. As always, gents and GIANTS, attention to detail is what separates the men from the boys, so if you have even the simplest of pocket squares to casually stuff into your breast pocket, by all means! We have used a cotton embroidered blue outlined pocket square from The Fine & Dandy Shoppe on West 49th street to gussy up this GIANTS pocket.

Let’s discuss button downs. This navy blue, white polka-dotted button down number comes to us from the tall man’s default store – Banana Republic. With so much color happening in this outfit, we wanted an anchored and bold tone with a pattern verses a solid to offset the rest of the ensemble. Please note, that despite this shirt coming off the rack at the great BR, the sleeves still reach the wrists of Robert’s long arms. Mazel, BR!

Raise your hand if you have given up on tank tops and tee shirts and are officially invoking the gods of mitochondria to sweep away all of this green and bring us some rust and auburn. I salute you for tolerating full coverage in the remnants of Hampton’s pool parties and Chelsea Pier picnics. One of my personal favorites in this time of year is what I call ‘yachting’ – a look so waspy that only the gent-iest of gents and GIANTS can pull it off regardless of their setting.

We used a powder blue Strafford slack from the dark horse of the talls, JCPenney (yes - a 36 inseam found in store in the non-tall department) is the shining centerpiece of this pairing. These truly brought a grin to my face seeing that not only did they fit off-the-rack at JCP, but really carried our ensemble to sea; one can almost smell the Long Island Sound.

An all business button down should definitely be worn with these yacht-ready pants. We pulled a JCP Brand (Again, I know, right?) non-iron gingham red pattered shirt to really pop through the cream colored blazer and blue slacks. I personally find no offense in keeping a few buttons open to show that memory of a tan, tone, or chest hair – go on and neglect a necktie. Compensate by ‘stuff-placing’ a muted multi-colored pocket square in the breast pocket of your blazer, complimenting your shirt. Again, The Fine & Dandy Shoppe (a TAG favorite) on West 49th street has provided a beautifully floral printed cotton pocket square for our accenting needs.

Now as talls, we know how important a custom piece is. Because you have paid for the perfect fit, one is familiar with that inner feeling of obligation to wear it as much as possible. TAG has topped off this 6’7”ers ensemble with Robert’s own personal custom cream colored blazer.

So whatever your school of thought is; accept the folliage and crispness in the air, or neglect the changes in temperature and play the tanktop hold out game, there are some real finds out there for your style needs. From the ever trendy and lovely Bonobos to the surprising dark horse, JCPenney keeping your limbs covered or uncovered this fall should be no problem at all.

THANKS as always to Matt at for the detailing acoutrement.


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