Broadway GIANTS: Scatliffe 6'5"

As a big fan of Broadway, and a member of the theatre community in NYC, I must ask our readers to take my word for it when I say that it is so rare that I go to see a Broadway show and am taken aback by the presence of a tall man on stage. More often then not, your male principals and ensemble are comprised of the 5'9"ers. Continuing with this series of Broadway GIANTS, I give you Kyle Scatlifee, also known as Enjolras in the Broadway production of Les Miserables.

** UPDATE: KYLE has joined the original Broadway cast of The Color Purple in the principal role of HARPO along side of Jennifer Hudson, Cynthia Erivo, and Danielle Brooks. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Scatliffe.

Kyle Scatliffe 6’5”

Age: 29

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 210

Homeland/Town: Westwood, NJ

Profession: Actor

What was the road that lead you to musical theatre and Broadway?

I always grew up fascinated by the world of acting in movies and TV, but I never thought it was something that I could do. In high school, my theatre teacher got wind of the fact that I could sing and asked me to in front of the class. When I was done she said, “You belong to me now.” And the rest is history.

Have you found that being your height has been an obstacle or advantage in your performance career?

I have felt like it has been an advantage. Most people comment on the fact that it gives me stage presence so, I’ll take it. The only disadvantage, really, has been the fact that I don’t end up in the ensemble of shows; I stand out too much.

What are some advantages of being your height and in the Broadway/Musical Theater community?

I am easily spotted in a crowd. I would say that most of the roles I want to play are leading roles so it’s helped me be in that category.

At what age did you reach at 6’5”?

I reached 6’5” at the age of 21.

Being so tall, obviously we know finding clothes is difficult. Where are some places that you find to be reliable in finding clothes that fit?

This is definitely the most difficult thing about being tall. I have really long legs so pants are the usually the biggest problem; I take to the Internet. I have bought pants from American Eagle, JCrew, and Diesel with pretty fair success rates. My unusually long arms frustrate me into buying something that just fits my body and roll up the sleeves.

What size shoe do you wear and where do you find shoes that fit you?

I wear a size 13 shoe. In England its almost impossible to find that size shoe. Here it’s not so bad if you use the internet!

Do you custom?

For suits and shirts I have started to go custom; It’s so difficult to get a jacket tailored for my size.

What are some of your biggest Tall Guy Problems?

Clothing, low ceilings, doorways, airplane seats, bus seats, and beds.

What is the strangest thing someone has asked you about yourself or has said to you because of your height?

I have gotten everything from 'tall drink of water' to 'tree' - I have heard them all. Most people tend to ask about buying clothes or if its difficult for me to date short people.

Do you feel as if though people treat you differently or behave differently towards you because of your height?

I would say that people are pretty cordial. Most people don’t bother with picking fights with me because I am bigger than them. Even when people bump into me on the street they have a moment of “How dare you bump into…”, then they see me and stop.; 'BroadwayGIANTS' - where we seek out the men of Broadway who stand tall, stand out, and sing for their suppers.

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