Legs For Days

Whatever one can do to help support the feet is essential, and the closest thing to that? The legs. In this article, we will be discovering and exploring four yoga poses focused on building leg strength as well as some of them focusing on the balancing qualities of the body.

1- Chair Pose (Uttkatasana)

Start by bringing the feet together. You will want your toes to touch and having the heels slightly separated so that there is space between the heels. Begin to sit back like you are about to come to seated in a chair. Feel the weight come more into the heels and firmly squeeze the inner thighs towards each other. After you have a strong foundation in the legs, bring your awareness into your low back and abdominals. The low back should maintain a natural curve without over arching or over tucking the pelvis underneath you. Lift the chest off of the thighs and sweep the arms up alongside your ears. If this is too much for your shoulders, reach your arms out straight ahead in front of you. Hold this pose starting out for five to seven breaths. As you start to build strength, continue to hold the pose for longer periods of time.

2 - Crescent Lunge Pose

Start at the top of your yoga mat and step your left leg towards the back of your yoga mat. Keep your right ankle and knee in line with each other and extend through the left leg by keep the left thigh active and lifting upwards as you extend through the left heel. For those of you with low back issues, have a slight bend in the left knee. Slightly draw the navel back towards the spine while keeping the hips, shoulders, and neck in alignment with each other. Arms will sweep up towards the celling while lifting up through the color bones and the ribs. Hold this pose for five to eight breaths. Repeat on the other side.

3 - Warrior Two Pose

Begin at the top of your mat again and step the left foot to the back of your yoga mat. Turn the left toes outward to the left side of the room. Stay bent in the right knee while stacking the knee itself over the ankle. Feel the chest broaden as you reach your arms out in opposite directions. Gaze steadily over the right arm. Keep your hips, shoulders, neck and head in alignment with each other. Hold for five to seven breaths and repeat on the other sides.

4 - Warrior Three Pose

Initiate this pose by coming to the top of your mat. While starting to lean the chest forward, pick up your left leg and reach it back towards the back of the room. Maintain balance by reaching the arms out in front of you and squaring the hips at the same time. Press through the back heel like you are trying to press a nail into the wall. Engage the low belly and hold for five to seven breaths. Do the same on the other side.

Happy Standing!


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