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Over the course of the last 2 and a half years that ThereAreGiants.com has been in existance, we have had the pleasure and fortune of meeting some really amazing men of all walks of life; all of which are exceptional men of height. We here at TAG have decided that in addition to our BFG section, which features some of our readers, fans, and followers, that we are also going to delve into the realm of our sponsors and supporters. For the next few months, we will be featuring tall men who also run their own businesses that either add something to the tall community or whose owners are GIANTS themselves.

First up on our list of EntrepreGIANTS...


Owner: Eric Bandholz

Height: 6'5”

Age: 33

Company: Beardbrand.

Product: Beard oil and other beard care products.

Location: Austin, TX

What is your company’s mission and goal?

We want to change the way society views beardsmen. Traditionally beardsmen have been thought of as lumberjacks, bikers, or outdoorsmen and we noticed a new type of beardsmen. We coined this type of beardsman the “Urban Beardsman” and they are men who care not only about their facial hair, but also their style, careers, and drive for independence. In addition to changing the way society views beardsmen, we want to help men become comfortable and confident with who they want to be – regardless if that means wearing a beard or not.

What interested you and got you into your industry?

I've always considered myself a beardsman even when I didn't have a beard. It was after growing my beard out for 8 months and attending a beard competition that I really fell in love with the lifestyle. It's an incredible group of people and wanted to unite a group of people who hadn't been united before.

Has your own height affected any of your business decisions in regards to branding, product, or result?

We carried a few shirts for a period of time and I wanted to make sure the ones we carried were longer ones. We've since gotten out of the t-shirt business and focus mostly on our grooming products. Being tall has been great for business though; I'm able to stand out at shows and competitions and people recognize me around the world. What is awesome is that I've ran into quite a few beardsman who stand taller than me. It's not too often that I look up to someone, and even less common that they have a killer beard.

How is your company different from others like it, if any exist?

There are a lot of companies that make male grooming products, but we are the only one that is actively trying to change the way society views our customers. For us, it's not simply about the product, but more about what the product can help you do. We like to think that our product and creedo gives our customers confidence, and helps them feel good about themselves.

What do you hope to bring to the tall community with your own perspective to tall guy problems and with your company and product?

Ultimately, we talls have an advantage in life and we need to make the best of it. Part of it is being cognizant of our style, our image, and “personal brand.” Our products will help guys feel more confident about their facial hair style and subsquently that confidence will help them find more success and personal identity in life.

From The EntrepreGIANT:

In the long term future, I hope to get back into apparrel and design. In doing so I will always consider the taller and skinnier builds in that design, because that is what I am. So stay posted for our growth and what we do in the future.

Check out BEARDBRAND for products and other cool swag.

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