The Rite Of Spring

As of late it has been apparent that Puxatauny Phil is a big fat lier; groundhog for dinner anyone? One day there’s a mini-blizzard and the next its fifty degrees. Never the less, we can all rest assure that at some point in the next few weeks, Spring will be upon us and permission to shed our heavier and excessive layers will be granted by Mother Nature herself.

So what is a GIANT to do when the sun is upon us for the first time in six months? Has our memory of cotton and poly-blend evaded us enough that we need to start from scratch? Or can we still pull items from the bowels of our closets to retain some semblence of style as we linger in seasonal limbo between hot and cold?

As winter slowly sheds its skin, we still need to be mindful of the possible flux of temperature throughout the day. Often times, this time of year is reminiscent of desert climates where it is warm during the day and freezing cold at night. A GIANT must be prepared for this kind of switch. Layering is a good way to stay just warm enough without feeling the burden of carrying a coat around just in case. ThereAreGiants took a dive into the depths of 6’4” New Yorker Luke’s closet to try and pull out some more sensible seasonal options as we drudge our way through the purgatory of Spring to Summer.

The First Movement:

In our first movement towards Spring, Luke is still in a world that is dismal and grey with only flecks and glimmers of life around him. Before the season is in full swing, we must bring our own life to the sidewalks and forests. Though it is common for darker more muted colors to be sported during these darker months, it is always refreshing and interesting to add a pop of color to your neutrals.

Here we have a navy Italian wool cardigan paired with an, also, navy blue button down from Banana Republic and a bright orange tie to give some sunshine and a focal point to Luke’s outfit. When your top half is of a darker nature, I would suggest bringing a lighter-wash jean on board. Though I am usually a stand-by-my-dark-wash-jeans kind of man, you don’t want to over do the navy on navy. So make sure you have a light, but not too light – say no to 90s acid wash – pair of denims to offset your darker set shirts and other layers.

The Second Movement:

As March moves into April and the sun is more present but still not over powering the cold, a stylish way to cheat the lack of heat is a nice blazer. We again chose navy and blue as we are still mourning the loss of winter, but set forth our own spring flavor with a pink gingham pocket square.

Blazers are a good alternative to having to carry around a light sweater or jacket as the temperatures dip down in the later afternoons. You can dress it up by buttoning it, or keep it casual by leaving it open and pushing the sleeves up to your elbows revealing your unbuttoned shirt cuff.

Though I’m never one for trends, and tend to ask everyone to march to the beat of their own proverbial drummer, one thing that is ‘in’ this year is this very stylish collegiate look that keeps rearing its head at us. Normally I would poo-poo such a trend, but we played into it with this particular look by tacking on a pair of khaki’s with our blazer/button down combo instead of a pair of dark or colored denims.

As a whole this piece is certainly more formal than the last, but remains versatile as one could easily take in a show, join friends for a beer, or simply mosey around town enjoying the sun and crisp Spring afternoon.

The Third Movement:

Alas in this outfit pairing, Spring has arrived, but where as most men’s wear or other such beacons of style may tell you to lighten up and bust out the pastels, I am going to go against that grain and suggest that we remain grounded. Certainly feel free to throw lots of color into the mix, but try bold and ballsy colors; you are after all, a man and not an Easter egg!

A unique side of this particular outfit is the herringbone button down from Frank & Stella . Herringbone is not frequently seen in shirts, but more often in suit fabrics and makes a great centerpiece either solo or with other layers.

To bring a more casual side out of this ensemble, we threw a tope colored tee shirt on top of our herringbone. But like any outfit, just throw on a tie and you’re pleasantly straddling the fence of trendy, casual, and dressed up just enough that you’re set to go anywhere. We chose a simple and understated skinny black silk tie from Indochino.

Here is where we got all crazy and went against the ‘pastels for Spring’ monotony; burn orange V-neck sweater. Burt orange is typically a fall color, however, we are seeing a lot of color reversal in seasonal styles in an attempt for Fashionistas to stay fresh and unpredictable. I just read an article the other day about Pastels for Fall… Ooo the forward thinking-ness of these people! With such a muted underscoring of our layers, this sweater really gives a ‘Spring’ to this outfits step. I love how each and every color, regardless of it’s vibrancy or lack-there-of, works together to make a very assembled look.

Stay stylish for Spring, GIANTS. I know it has been a rough few months dealing with this dreary back and forth of gloom, snow, and sun, but soon enough we won’t need to worry about scarves, sweaters, and blazers, and we can have a conversation about Chubbies and tank tops – to do or not to do for the average tall.

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