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Despite this week’s freakishly warm temperatures, December is in full swing. Before you know it, the city streets will be covered in that first magical snowfall. You know, when you step outside and all Manhattan’s bustling is silent and all you can hear is the snowflakes high-fiving each other on the ground? That magical snowfall. In any snowfall a GIANT must have a versatile coat that shines at a stylish opera (if you’re into that kind of thing) but that doesn’t make you stand out more than you already do in the bleachers at the game.

The typical door-to-door retail shopping theory has proven itself inferior for us TALLS time and time again. We completely understand your apprehension about ordering something as major as a winter coat online, but ThereAreGiants has put together a list of safe bets for you.

Before we get brand-specific, let’s go through some basics of winter coat wear so that you get both the most bang for your buck, and the most wear out of your seasonal investment.

- Navy blue is the most versatile color you can find. If this is going to be your only overcoat, then navy is the way to go for the sole reason that you can get away with more outfits. In our GIANT humble opinion, black is quite severe and limits certain fall/winter colors. If you already have a Navy Blue coat or would prefer something else, stick with neutral colors: grays, medium browns, or camel.

- Length is always a question we hear bouncing around on the winter coat market. How long is too long? How short is too short? We’re firm believers that knees should be a benchmark of where your coat should land. The length of a coat says something about the kind of GIANT you are. A young man looks best with a coat just above the knee. Don’t go short; this isn’t 1900 and you’re not wearing a waistcoat (even though we have a strong affinity for them). Shorter coats, though, don’t offer the type of protection from the damp and wind once winter really sets in. The most proper and versatile length is mid-thigh to just below the knee.

- Unlike a suit jacket, outerwear should reach just past your wrist, covering your suit and shirtsleeves; you wouldn’t want the cuffs of your shirt or jacket to become wet from potential snowfall or other weather mishaps.

- Double-breasted coats will keep you warmer because of the overlapped front; they also look way cooler. Single-breasted coats will still keep you warm, but you may need an extra layer.

- Look for a scarf and gloves while you’re at it, seeing as you’ll be wearing them together with the coat.

The Navy Blue Pea Coat on 6-foot-8 Will is from Lands’ End’s Tall autumn/winter collection. This piece is a water-repellent, brushed-wool, modernized take on the original nautical pea coat that Lands’ End made famous in the 1960’s when it made clothing for sailors. On Will’s 7-foot-3 wingspan, the Large Tall coat falls exactly where it should on his wrists. We must also comment that at 6-foot-8 and with very broad shoulders, Will fit into this coat beautifully. (He even asked if he could have one.) Straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth, this coat will fit like a glove and is a classic, elegant, and trendy must for any GIANT’s winter wardrobe.

The Camel Over Coat on 6’7” Brent,is also a Lands’ End piece from its current collection. This water-repellent wool, classic single-breasted button-down contains 5 percent cashmere for an extra-soft touch. You’ll be able to make that walk of shame in the morning looking just as pulled-together as you were the night before — and probably warmer, too, with the coat’s extra pockets inside and out. The coat featured is also a Large Tall and fit Brent’s broad shoulders and long arms comfortably. This is the type of coat you could wear to a formal event or a football game and still manage to fit in without looking like you’re overdoing it — versatile perfection.

Now, in case you haven’t guessed it, ThereAreGiants recently teamed up with Lands’ End. Though many of us may associate LE with our parents or grandparents, its innovative and forward sight in tall men’s apparel has given it some trendiness. It’s one of the first, if not only, men’s apparel brands to understand and separate big, tall, and big & tall — one of the biggest complaints we hear is about brands that fail to do that. LE is one of few brands (Gap Inc. being the other) to carry that Medium Tall, with inseams just skimming the lower end of 38 inches, so coveted by our #PocketGiants crowd. It also has a separate online store for the tall crowd, which is divided into three sections: Tall, Big, and Big & Tall. And its collection for this fall and upcoming spring shows off its ability to stay classic with a touch of trend.

This holiday season, to celebrate our new partnership with Lands’ End, we’ll be giving away a brand-new Navy Blue Pea Coat — as shown in the photo spread.

To enter for your chance to win this waterproof, brushed wool, modernized nautical coat, LIKE our Facebook page OR follow us on Twitter (you’re welcome to do both), and tell us a Tall Tale. If you already LIKE or FOLLOW us, just comment on the link to this article, which will be pinned to the top of our news feed, and give us a sentence or two on why you’re grateful for your height. This coat comes in regular sizes, for you GIANT fans, and in TALL sizes for you actual GIANTS. Winners will be selected a week before Christmas *just in time to buy for that GIANT in your life — or yourself.* Second place will receive a $50 gift certificate to the LE Tall men’s store.

Thank you so much to Brent, Will, and Lands’ End for their help. See you next week, and STAND TALL!

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