I Have Bespoken: Indochino II


Company: You GIANTS remember Indochino? They were our very first Bespoken review that we did on ThereAreGiants.com. Well there are back to re-prove to we talls that custom is certainly an affordable option for those of us who like to get #DonDrapered up from time to time.

Vancouver based Indochino gives you access to their latest and greatest collections via website and their famous Traveling Tailor. For round 2, we teamed up with Indochino’s NYC Traveling Tailor event for a tangible look and feel of what the company is offering in their most current line of menswear. We made an appointment online and headed down to the Meatpacking District to their rented out retail warehouse space to get #SuitedUP!

Cost: $799.00 ($379+)

Process: Upon arrival we were met at the door by a lovely receptionist .She confirmed our appointment and introduced us to the stylist and tailor that was going to be working with us in selecting our suiting specifics. As we were taken around the beautifully decorated and slick space, we found out that our tailor was actually not a tailor at all. He worked for a temp agency that hooked him up with this gig at the last minute – he assured me they had trained him in stepping in as a tailor and that all would turn out just fine.

I selected at medium blue cotton-linen blend three-piece suit with a cream silk lining in the seven-button vest, and a very jazzy blue and chartreuse zigzag patterned lining for the jacket. As always, MONOGRAM, MONOGRAM, MONOGRAM! Regardless of where this falls on a suit; the jacket insert, the collar of the jacket, the sleeve – get it personalized.

Now on to the measuring - Our trained non-tailor escorted us to a wall full of tri-fold mirrors where he took out a measuring tape, asked me to hold up my arms, stand up straight, and spread my legs – without even buying me dinner.

Throughout his measuring me, I was very aware of how all of this was being performed as he fully disclosed to me that he was not a real tailor. Honestly, some of the measurements he took almost caused me to stop and correct him as he was measuring my chest and out-seam incorrectly. Not to mention he didn’t even bother with the inseam – how unfulfilling. But I took pause and decided to have the experience being authentic and see where the skills of this company and ‘tailor’ let the chips fall.

Speediness - Measured July 23rd; Received August 13th. A+

Packaging – If you all remember correctly, last time I received a suit from Indochino, it came wrinkled in a large flat box on a cardboard hanger. This time, the suit arrived in a smaller flat box, but without the hanger. Just folded, very nicely, inside of this box. Now linen and linen blends are notorious for wrinkling very easily, and I must say that perhaps their cardboard hanger packaging was doing them more harm than hel as this fabric wasn’t really that terribly wrinkled; only in places where one might expect a suit to be wrinkled when folded in a box. A-

And now the moment of truth...

Accuracy: As I pulled each piece of the suit separately from its box, I marveled at how beautiful the fabrics I selected looked in an actual suit form instead of just hanging as a large sample swatch on a hook. I was excited about this one.

The vest: Seven buttons, all attached, not loose, and in a perfectly straight-line top to bottom. As I buttoned up the vest, I began to be filled with a sense of trust, that not only was this going to fit like a glove, but that the non-tailor and seamstresses who made the suit itself, pulled it off. This vest was gorgeous, and a fit of perfection. A+

The pants: You know how sometimes you put on a pair of pants in a dressing room and about half way through the process of pulling them up you suddenly experience a MAJOR red light telling you to stop because there is no way that they are going to make it up past your GIANT man thighs? That never happened with these pants. They comfortably made their way up my legs, and around my waist without even so much as a sucking-it-in attempt to fasten the blue button. I will divulge, however, that the length of these pants fell a bit short - literally. I had to have about one full inch let out in the length for these bad boys to fall at the appropriate line of my shoe. Woops. B-

The Jacket: To the naked eye, barring the obvious, there are certain points of a suit jacket that are so important in its fit that I may actually be more specific and picky with my jacket fits than I am with my pants. MAY be.

- Where the cuff falls or the sleeve length: This is what separates the GIANTS from the other men. Stick your thumb out like you’re hitchhiking to your favorite dark bar. Notice where your thumb hinges on your wrist – that is where your jacket cuff should fall, leaving about a quarter-inch of space to your hand where your shirt cuff should fall; never confuse the two. My jacket? Touch down! Houston, there is no problem! A+

Shoulders: Whether you’re a broad GIANT or a pocket GIANT, everyone’s shoulder bones are relatively the same. Place your finger on the joint of your shoulder. Now move your arm slowly up and down like a chicken wing. Feeling that point where the ball and socket meet? That is also where the seam of the shoulder should land. My jacket? Perfecto. No limited range of motion for this GIANT! A+

Frontal space: We all have tried on in store suits over and over again. Standing in front of the dressing room mirror after buttoning the suit jacket we just put on, standing sideways to see just how fat this designer thought someone who wears a 44L allegedly is. You know that annoying belled out look that occurs when you stand up straight in what you thought was a slick jacket – and still may be for someone twice your size – and the billowing fabric hanging off of your torso discourages you from ever attending a wedding ever again. Your jacket, when buttoned (remember top button always, middle button sometimes, bottom button never if applicable) should have about two inches of space when pulled out in front of you. Button that sucker up and pull the fabric out. If there is more than two, maybe three inches at most, that jacket is not for you, or needs to be taken in. My jacket? Dead on! Just enough breathing room for this GIANT. A+

Quality: This is one hell of a suit. The fabric alone deserves an ovation let alone the cut, style, and fit of it all. I will certainly give Indochino a ‘You Got Balls’ award for picking non-tailors and giving them what was probably a 45 minute demonstration of how to measure a man for a suit and churning out this gold medal garb. Mazel to you! Even though the alterations were minor (and remember Indochino reimburses alterations up to $75) the pant length was a fail – not a big one, but a fail none-the-less. Otherwise I have no major complains or criticisms for this piece, though one day I hope to receive a suit that I do not have to do a thing to. This is not that day. A-

Over All – Indochino will remain consistent in my experience with them. This suit was a bigger success than the first I received from them and even though there was still a need for alterations, in general I am proud to wear this garment – yacht and all. A-

ADDENDUM from INDOCHINO - "One point ... is that 3/4 of Indochino's business is conducted online by regular people with no tailoring experience. Our system is specifically designed to compensate for any inaccuracies that may arise from user input. The fit specialists that we hire in Traveling Tailor cities are not tailors, but have had enough training to be able to successfully (with the exception of pant length haha) enter the required data for our system. We need to do a better job of communicating that you don't need to be an expert tailor to get a made to measure suit from Indochino."

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