There Are Giants In the Sky

As TALL men, we’ve all had the uncomfortable experience when flying of having to fold our legs into a space suitable for a petite woman. Man has been flying the skies for 100 years, now and some of the major airlines still haven’t come around to making room for the long legged. We’ve scouted out some of the best and worst airlines that care and don’t care to affordably and not-so-affordably accommodate the modern-day flying GIANT.

Though some airlines have tried, and when they do they make much-publicized efforts towards their sometimes feeble attempts of providing more legroom on their flights, many still fall, well… short.

We searched the stats to find the best options on some of the top airlines. Now, when taking leg room into consideration, a tall must know that the regular seat pitch – distance between the edge of the seat and the back of the seat in front of it – averages around 31 inches.

ThereAreGiants took this information and did a little research of our own to try and found out who is serving up the leg room the biggest and best. This is what we have found:

- Delta’s “Economy Comfort” seating features seat pitch of 34 to 35 inches. Those flyers also get priority boarding on all flights and complimentary beverages on some international flights. Not too shabby. But those extra inches and amenities will cost you an extra $79 each way.

- JetBlue’s “Even More Space” seating is available on some of their flights and the seat pitch is a whopping 38 inches. That’s a giant leap from the average 31. You also get early boarding when you shell out the additional $65 each way.

- Virgin America also lands a 38 inch seat pitch in what they call their extra-legroom bulkhead and exit-row seats in “Main Cabin Select.” All their planes have the option, you get priority check-in, full meal and beverage service and one free checked bag – but you’ll pay for it. You’ll really pay for it. It’s an extra $389.

It seems like JetBlue is the winner in both legroom and price. Most major airlines have seat options with more legroom, but most only spare an additional three or four inches of space.

For those of us who do not have accounts or preferential status on an airline, did you know that SeatGuru will help the talls find which seats are perfect for us to book on planes now? Founded by fellow GIANT, Matt Daimler in 2007, SeatGuru is very simple and effective. Enter the name of your airline, the flight number, and your date of departure.

After some guru’ing calculations, you’ll get a diagram of your plane so you can pick the right seat for your legs. Not only does SG give you seat options, but it also lists every airline and every plane model with advice blurb on which seats have more legroom – did I mention the diagrams are color-coded? Each color shows which seats is more desirable and which to avoid.

Mr. Daimler has taken into consideration leg-room, having to crawl over short people to get up and stretch our limbs, and general personal space. Though I have never heard of SeatGuru before, this site officially has my attention and will become more important than my free carry-on.

So though this conversation is probably long over due for ThereAreGiants, we have at least finally had it. I personally feel like a parent who has just informed my child where babies come from; gratified, responsible, and as if a burden has been lifted. Flying doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable. There are options out there, GIANTS to gain those precious extra inches of leg space. Though you may just end up paying a little extra for it on some occasions, on a long flight cross-country, it just might be worth it.

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