Viva TALL Vegas

HELLO GIANTS! Welcome to the first of many articles in “Traveling Tall,” There Are Giants’ featured travel column geared toward you, the vertically enhanced traveler.

I’m Aurelio Giordano, Travel Agent, Owner of Ace World Travel and proud new member of the T.A.G. family. Having already been over 6ft by the time I hit my teens, and now a certified GIANT at 6’7”, “travelling tall” is all I’ve ever really known.

Just like you, I have been subject to paying more for extra legroom on planes, a king-sized bed in a hotel room, or a full-sized car or SUV rental for road trips, just to be comfortable. As GIANT men, our height is something we’re inadvertently conscious of as it’s something we carry with us 24/7. When it comes to travel, it’s a deciding factor when planning out the details of our itinerary.

“Traveling Tall” is intended to be your central hub of travel-related information. Its content will keep you in the know with current travel industry news about hotel brands, airlines, cruise ships, tours and attractions, useful travel tips, hot spot destinations for families, couples, singles, and much more, all while keeping you, the TALL traveler, in mind. I’ll also be bringing you a first-hand, detailed look at some of my own “tall” travel experiences. This leads me to our first topic, my recent trip to The Entertainment Capital of the World – LAS VEGAS!

Being a New Yorker and having spent a decade working in Manhattan I was accustomed to the grandeur of it all. If any city can make a guy my size feel like they blend, it’s New York! Also, working for 3 ½ years at the Crossroads of the World, a.k.a. Times Square, I was constantly surrounded by visually stimulating sky-high buildings covered in radiantly dazzling billboards and jumbotrons. Eventually I grew used to the massiveness and brilliance and got desensitized. I knew that if there was to be any other city that was going to revive those senses, it was going to be Las Vegas…and I was right!

Let's take into consideration that the Las Vegas strip is eight times longer than Times Square. It possesses 15 of the world’s 25 largest hotels by room count, with over 62,000 rooms. Each hotel is unique, the majority of which are themed, capturing the essence of some of the worlds most sought after destinations and housing replicas of its famous attractions. From the moment I stepped on to “The Strip,” I found myself randomly stopping, looking up and turning around in 360 degree motion, soaking it all in and usually taking pictures and video.

Ironic how I now became one of those tourists I used to zigzag my way around on my way to the subway.

While in Vegas, I stayed in two hotels. The first being the impressive Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino, bringing you the heart of Venice, Italy, along with its grand canals and replica of Piazza San Marco, right in our own back yard. Their entry level room category is a Luxury Suite measuring 650 sq. ft.

It boasts a king-sized bed, a separate sunken living room with a full-sized L-shaped sofa, ceiling-high windows, doorways which easily clear 6’10”, if not 7ft, and a bathroom the size of some NY studio apartments which included a shower I didn’t have to duck under and a tub which I sat in comfortably with my knees barely surfacing above the mid-chest water level. In the bathroom was a full set of luxury toiletries including a mending kit and bathrobes that cleared just below my knee – just to name a few.

All this would make any GIANT feel like king of their castle. Lucky for you summer is their slower season and they currently have a Suite promotion with rates from $149-$199 per night

The 2nd half of my stay was spent at the stylish Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. With a half scale reproduction of the Eiffel Tower visible throughout most of the Strip, and a replica of the Palais Garnier (Paris Opera House) right in front of the hotel entrance, I felt transported and couldn’t wait to have my first café et croissant.

The accommodations at Paris provide clean-cut, simple luxury and comfort. Their entry level Luxury Room comes standard with a king-sized bed, French-inspired furnishings and decorations. Having just stayed in a “themed” hotel room, I opted for their “Red Room Luxury”, which provides the same comfort and sophistication, with a bit more contemporary style, including a huge wall unit which encompasses the entertainment center and 2 TALL closets on both sides where you can easily hang your 36” inseams without having to fold them on the hanger.

The marble bathroom was also of a respectable size with a full standing shower (which I cleared by about a good inch or so) and a decent sized tub, which I sadly didn’t get to test out. Depending on travel dates and room views, rates for the standard Luxury room start at $99-$129 per night, and for the Red Room from $139-$179 per night.

The Venetian and Paris provided me with a very comfortable stay while in Vegas. Best part is, they are only the tip of the iceberg of the available options in terms of styles, GIANT-friendly accommodations, in-room, as well as property amenities, such as pools, casinos, shopping, restaurants, spas, attractions, and more, allowing you to decide what part of Sin City you want to indulge in and how much of a dent you want it to put in your pocket. Overall, you can’t really go wrong because there is something for everyone. So in homage of one of Las Vegas’ legendary icons, I’m going to throw on my rhinestone jumpsuit, curl my upper lip and say “Viva TALL Vegas!”

For complete photo and video albums from my Las Vegas adventure, go to Ace World Travel’s Facebook and YouTube page. If interested in planning your TALL trip to Vegas and for more information on current promotions and rates, feel free to contact:

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