I Have Bespoken: Blank Label


Company: Blank Label is a men’s custom shirt company started by Boston inhabitants Phan Bi and Danny Wong. Their desire for the world of men’s custom to change has brought about this self-design clothing company, and the hours of entertainment in mixing and matching patterns on shirts.

Cost: $95+

Process: To begin the process of building your own wardrobe with BL, simply click on ‘Customize Style’ and enter the Customization Station where the option to pick fabrics of solid, striped, grid, or non-iron fabrics are presented to you.

Once your print has been chosen, you move on to the ‘style’ drop down where you can pick your preference of collar, cuff, placket, pocket placement (if any), buttons, and my personal favorite – shoulder accents. You have the option of adding military straps or double officer stripes – I’m obsessed.

Moving on to additional detailing and personalization, BL adds a finer touch of class to their product by allowing you to select your own label type and location as well as monogramming. Now what, may I ask, is the point of customizing a piece of clothing if you can’t throw on your own damn initials – I did, and I suggest you do too; it gives the piece a certain ‘HA! This is MINE’ factor. Add those initials by your wrist (traditionally the same side one would wear his watch) or on the collar point so that everyone who looks in the direction of your face can see ‘DAMN he monogrammed his shirt. Isn’t he fancy?’

Now here is where Blank Label may have the ball-in-the-pocket over everyone else: Should accents. Throughout this design process, BL gives you several different add on options for shoulder details such as a military single or double strap. I love this feature and was very shocked and thrilled to see it being offered.

Once you are done going through all of the steps to build your own button down, take a last look at your detailing before you hit ‘add to cart’. Your shirt will range from anywhere between $85-$145 depending on the personalization you choose.

Overall I found the selection and design process incredibly easy and navigate able yet at the same time giving you an expanse of options to chose from; ipso facto, the variety of customizations is not limited or restricted because of the user ability of the site. A+

Speediness: My order with Blank Label was placed on 11/28/2012 and I received my shirt post haste on 12/15/2012. SUPER fast! A+

Packaging: I picked up my BL package at my trusty mailbox where it was only rapped in plastic inside of a white bag with the label boldly printed in black across the front. Though there were some goodies inside that I was not expecting, such as fabric swatches, a shirt care guide, and a visual aid on how to properly take measurements based on a pre-existing shirt, this packaging was rather underwhelming. C+

Accuracy: My exact words to Fan Bi in an email to Blank Label once my shirt arrived“I received the shirt in the mail just the other day and it was FLAWLESS!!!! I don’t think I have ever owned a shirt that has fit me so well.”

That, my fellow GIANTS is the damn truth. I put this shirt on and from the buttoning of the first button I could tell that we were made for each other. I wear this shirt often and proudly (with my fancy monogram on the left sleeve) and get comments on it all the time. I will say that I had an advantage as Fan measured me himself at one of their pop up stores, so obviously allow some room for human error when ordering your shirt from Blank Label, however, in my case and this time around there was ZERO reason to send this back or have any additional tailoring done. A+

Quality: I have had this shirt for about 3 months now. It has been worn in, out, and around NYC with about 3 dry cleanings under its proverbial belt. My Blank Label looks just as good as the day it arrived. Not even the stitching on the monogram has frayed, which is usually a common tell tale sign of how long your shirt has to go. Though BL offers many different fabrics and colors in their roster of swatches (I chose “Base of Warren”) I can only speak for the one I have chosen – which has been nothing perfect since I got it. A+

Over-All Grade: I truthfully don’t have anything negative to say about Blank Label outside of perhaps rethinking their packaging. Though that may not be up to par, their product certainly is and it is definitely something that can be over looked for a damn good shirt. I encourage GIANTS everywhere to hop on board with these guys. Blank Label really has it together; they’re easy to use, and affordable to the every man, and therefore gets ThereAreGiants seal of approval. A-

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