Sweaterian Rhapsody

Ok! So it snowed. We have officially seen our first fall of fluffy rain for 2012 in the North East, and though it may be directly on top of one of the largest natural disasters the Eastern Seaboard has ever seen, we are not a city that lets little things like Frankenstorms get us down… No! We are a city that carries ourselves with grace, diligence, and best of all, style. Thanks to our new friend Sandy and her unnamed frigid sister, we now have the temperature’s permission to break out the sweater collection and dress our seasonal best during this autumn-to-winter cross over.

Being GIANTS, sweaters are a little easier for us depending on the brand you buy because of the nature of the garment. It is intended to be a bit slouchy and full, so cuts tend to lean on the more generous side of length and over all size. With that said, ThereAreGiants is proud to present a collection – A Sweaterian Rhapsody…

"I'm Just A Poor Boy From A Poor Family..."

First up, we have our $69 Marino Wool V-neck in cobalt blue from ExpressMen. ExpressMen is generally on the enemy list for we talls. Their dress shirts are way too short in the sleeves, too wide and short in the torso, and their pant cut errs on the side of that pesky Euro-cut that makes us all feel like behemoth animals.

In this case, ExpressMen sweaters and other miscellaneous outerwear – yes miscellaneous – (they can’t seem to nail down a consistent cut) are built for the type of tall man who is, in fact, built. More square in the chest and tapered at the bottom with a non-stretch cinch waist, these V-neck wears-of-winter fill a shoulery man’s sleeve all the way to the brim…or wrist. Christopher (pictured left) stands 6’5” and is of very fit form. Note his sleeve is, dare I say, almost billowing with material for full coverage in the arm.

This is not the warmest sweater in the world, but definitely bodes well for those lighter winter and autumn days when you are considering layering. Remember, the sleeve cuffs rule still applies to this type of sweater; make sure a quarter of an inch of the shirt cuff is sticking out from under the cuff of the sweaters sleeve.

East Come, Easy Go...

BRAVO to JCrew for segregating their men’s store and expanding their tall line. If you haven’t been in the JCrew Men’s in your area run, don’t walk because their first collection for this evolution is very ‘Ralph Lauren chic’ meets ‘LLBean realness’. It’s spectacular – and comes in tall sizes.

Featured here on 6’6” model Jonathan is a sub-label of JCrew called Wallace & Barnes. W&B has a very vintage Levi’s feel to it as a whole, but this particular piece is a lovely amalgamation of that vintage feel – big wooden buttons, meets a modern twist – the bigger collar. Thankfully these guys DO run in tall and are incredibly warm; made from Irish lambs wool!

I would encourage wearing this over almost anything except a turtle-neck. The neck on this selection does allow a forum for a small cashmere scarf or ascot; which I always think a GIANT should take advantage of when given grounds to. With two times the length available in these cuts in the sleeves and torso, you are bound to find this and some winter wear from the men’s store at JCrew.

Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

One cannot get more classic in men’s wear than Ralph Lauren. Good old Ralph has been cranking out clothing for men for the last 50 years and tall designs for about half of that. Clearly the man knows what he is doing.

Notice to the left of the photo how long the sleeve is and where the cinch waist on this woven cotton sweater falls on Ryan – 6’5”. There is a clear amount of extra fabric that falls and fits nicely on his body type; even in width from shoulders to waist with a larger chest.

This piece is all about the collar; a big and floppy attention getter that would be dis-serviced with a collared shirt or polo underneath. I would suggest wearing something simple like a Henley or baseball tee as to not take away from the full figured accent around your neck. However, with any block colored sweater, especially in a nude or muted hue, a GIANT has the option of accentuating with a bolder splash of color with a coat, scarf, or even hat.

*This specific piece is not available online anymore, however there is a similar style in cut and fabric in their current winter collection.

Any Way The Wind Blows...

When the team at LLBean TALL contacted me with this sweater option I didn’t even hesitate a little bit. Having grown up wearing LLBean as a child, I have a personal attachment and familiarity to their look and lasting quality of garments. With a throw back to their founding roots, plus a touch of New England winter, this lambs wool sweater with its shawl collar certainly deserves a place in any GIANT’s wardrobe. Though one can not see here, this also has dark brown elbow patches on either sleeve which has yet again made a very strong and solid come back in men’s seasonal wear.

I have worn this piece and can vouch for the fact that it will keep you warm through any Nor’easter. The high and tight V-neck on the shawl collar suggests sticking to a polo shirt sized collar of a lighter color to really pop the ‘mountain red’. I have worn this with a light gray Henley and also a white three-button polo and have locked those in as my ‘outfits’ for this sweater.

Though burgundy/red is a personal favorite, if you are not sold on this color check out the 6 others that it comes in. PLEASE NOTE GIANTS, LLBean, not only for this style but all of their TALL collections carries that very coveted, rare, and hard to find MEDIUM TALL for my #PocketGIANTS.

Stay warm GIANTS. I hope that you are able to take some style tips if not new pieces of winter wardrobe with you from this article. Stand tall!

*MANY thanks to LLBeanTALL for their contribution and support for this article.

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