I Have Bespoken: Indochino


Company: Indochino

Cost: $479

Process: Indochino is an online-based custom men’s wear company specializing in professional attire – suits. On any given day, a GIANT can go to indochino.com and start a profile that details his measurements. Once all measurements are entered, he can browse the stores inventory and select an item that he so desires to be built for him – anything from button down shirts to suits and overcoats.

He then would pay for the item in their check out and the ticket is submitted for construction, just for you! Their suits only run from about $349-$599 on average.

Indochino also has pop-up shop tours all around the country throughout the year. This is how ThereAreGiants was measured. We went to their #SuitUpNY event in October at Grand Central in NYC and had one of their traveling tailors measure us up for a three piece suit to test their product and process.

Our review is as follows:

Speediness: I was measured on October 22nd. My suit shipped October 31st and arrived on November 10th. A+

Packaging: My suit arrived in a lovely big white box (inside a FedEx box of course) and was hung on a cardboard hanger. Whereas I appreciated the aesthetic of having my suit arrive on a hanger, it left the suit very wrinkled – not ‘ready-to-wear’ out of the box. B-

Accuracy: The jacket of my suit fit me to perfection. Sleeve length is always a dreaded realization for we talls, but I was relieved that they were just to my wrist, where they belong. I opted for the double button front, which exerted no stress in my torso, shoulders, or chest. A+

The vest (which I adore) gave me just enough room to move, breath, and maneuver around without feeling any pull or tightness in the chest, back, or stomach. I chose to go with the ever-so 1920’s 7-button vest with a collar and thankfully didn’t have to wait any longer than a quick dry clean to wear it out! A+

The suit pants waist was dead on. I could button and zip those things up like I was taking a nap. However, the pant legs were about 3 inches too short and very snug in the thigh. When I would squat or bend, feigning sitting down in a chair, not only did the seat of the pant ride downwards, revealing my dorsal unmentionables, but I felt as if though had I actually sat down the pants would have ripped – and the cuff perhaps have kissed my mid-calf hello.

Thankfully Indochino is like the Starbucks of suits – if you aren’t 100% happy with your fit, they will make it again until you are satisfied. Indochino will even reimburse you for up to $100 in tailoring costs OR you can ship the suit back to them for a replacement. I contacted Daniel, one of their expert tailors, we adjusted some of the measurements together (this time online) and my new pair of pants were in my possession in a mere 2 weeks – and this time they fit like a glove. C+

Quality: Because you can pick your own fabrics and detailing of your custom pieces with Indochino, the quality of its appearance is really up to you. I chose a medium gray-striped suit with a plumb lining and monogram inside the left jacket wing, so naturally I love what I have chosen. Picking the fabrics online is a little difficult only because you have no tactile way of understanding the fabric. I’m a toucher when I shop in that I literally touch everything on the rack before I pick something out. There are just some fabrics that I don’t like and am not comfortable in. Indochino uses all Italian cloth from cotton to tweed and in your selection of your suit online, you choose the level of quality you want. As far as stitching and over- all make, this is some top-notch craftsmanship. A-

Over All Grade: I love that acquiring a custom suit is no longer something that only the wealthiest of men can do. Despite a design flaw in my final product, which was speedily remedied, I truly love this suit. I have worn the vest out on several occasions, including my New Years party where I paired it with a button down and jeans for a comfortable more relaxed look. This company really knows their stuff, and though not every suit can be made perfectly by the same pair of hands, these guys surely come close enough for my repeat business. B+

Thank you to the folks at INDOCHINO for making this review possible through their Traveling Tailor/TALL Tuesday Event in NYC.

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